Valmar is a talented artist with masterful and unique view in his art. His paintings are built in scientific and brilliant way, and life is often present in his compositions, which are presented in a wonderful manner with poetry in it. A brilliant future awaits Valmar

Member of Art Akademy, France ,Paris

We are proud of represent the works of Vladimir Margarian (Valmar) in New York .The deep emotiouns he conveys is gripping – a style of medieval drawings expressing agony and yet hope. So much detail in his work. His compositions and colors are unique. He is a warm and compassionate artist.

Alberto Braunstein
Kew Gallery, New York, USA

Valmar maintains a connection between one painting and the other without indulging in unnecessary detail and we find ourselves presented with an artform that is uplifting, as if in prayer. Valmar’s art, seeped in tradition, engulfs us and brings with it all that it absorbed from its holy base.

Tristan Solle
Painter, Art Critic, Suisse, Switzerland

It was a pleasure having the opportunity to view works by this gifted and experienced Armenian artist known as Valmar. His paintings are impressive, powerful, with strong and sensuous lines. This confidence carries over to Valmar’s paintings, which also incorporate a high evocative use of color. The artist’s sensuous palette rangers broadly from rich earth tones to lustrous gold and is perfectly suited to Valmar’s personal artistic vision.

Philip Gevik
Art Critic, Gallery Gevik, Toronto, Canada

Although it was my first exposure to his works, they moved me with their intensity, depth and harmony of colors, and simplicity of shape. Valmar’s paintings are of excellent quality; they are full of human emotions, intricacies of human relationships, cultural differences and unity, balance between the traditional and modern.Mr. Margarian’s art qualifies him to become a world class artist.

Peter Gelbman
Art Critic, Carmel Art Gallery, Ottawa, Canada

Even Valmar’s small canvas makes an enormous and a monumental impression. The creations of this artist are the reflection of his art, always strong and dynamic, talented and spirited. I wish Valmar success that he deserves.

Artist, Paris, France

Each painting of Valmar represents a wonderful coincidence of mystery and serious sensitivity. You need to observe paintings for a long time and concentrate until you reveal the mystery in them.

Rene Peres
Art Critic (Gallery Tamenaga), France, Paris