Solo Exhibitions

1977 Museum of Modern Arts, Yerevan, Armenia
1980 Tartu House of Artists
1985 House of Journalists, Yerevan, Armenia
1986 House of Art works, Moscow
1986 Dzintari Creative House, Latvia
1987 Galerie Basmajian, Paris, France
1988 AGBU Art Gallery, Detroit, Los Angeles, USA
1989 AGBU Art Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
1990 Palace of Culture, Budapest, Hungary
1991 “Anahit” Association, London, England
1992 Hamazkayin, San Francisco, USA
1992 Union of Armenian Artists, Yerevan, Armenia
1993 Armenian Prelacy, Beirut, Lebanon
1994 “Chaura” Gallery, Damascus, Syria
1994 Galerie Les Cent, Paris, France
1994 Maison Armenienne, Marseilles, France
1995 “Chaura” Gallery, Damascus, Syria
1995 Hamazkayin, Aleppo, Syria
1996 Galerie Etienne de Causans, Paris, France
1996 Armenian Prelacy, New York, USA
1996 Hilton Hotel, New York, USA
1997 Union Armenienne de Suisse, Geneva, Porrentruy, Switzerland
1997 Armenian Embassy, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Canada
1998 Armenian Embassy, Los Angeles, Washington, New York, USA
1998 National Gallery of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia
1998 Hovnanian School, New Jersey, USA
1999 Cite Internationale des Arts Paris, France
2000 “Al Fayrouz” Gallery, Manama, Bahrain
2000 International Art Festival, Kiev, Ukraine
2000 “Kew” Gallery, New York, USA
2001 “Green Art” Gallery, Dubai, UAE
2002 Maison de l’ Artisanat, Marseille, France
2002 Cultural Centre of the City of Athens
2003 “Evan” Gallery, New York, USA
2004 “International Club Berlin” Armenian Embassy”, Germany
2004 The first international visual Art Expo “Art Caucasus”, Tbilisi, Georgia
2005 “Valmar Art Gallery”, Yerevan, Armenia
2006 Cultural Centre of the city of Nant, France
2007 “Stephani’s Art Gallery”, La Canada, USA
2008 National Gallery of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia
2009 “Valmar Art Gallery”, Yerevan, Armenia
2010 “Valmar Art Gallery”, Yerevan, Armenia
2011 “Valmar Art Gallery”, “Impressions of Venice”, Yerevan, Armenia
2012 “Valmar Art Gallery”, “Graphic Works”, Yerevan, Armenia
2013 “Valmar Art Gallery”, “Spanish Impressions”, Yerevan, Armenia
2014 “Valmar art Gallery”, “Love Song”, Yerevan, Armenia
2015 “Valmar Art Gallery “, “On the 100 th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide”, Yerevan, Armenia
2016 “Valmar Art Gallery”, “Landscapes”, Yerevan Armenia
2017 Armenian Culture Week, Tokyo, Japan
2018 Jubilee exhibition dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the artist, National Picture Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia
2019 “The Art of Generations”.Valmar & Hripsime Margaryan, STEPHANIE’S ART GALLERY, La Canada Flintridge, California, USA.
2019 “Armenian Cultural Center”, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Permanent Exhibitions

Armenia: National Art Gallery, Museum of Modern Art, Art Museum of Vanadzor, Echmiadzin, Jermouk and Gumri, Museum of Friendship of Russia and Armenian Peoples (Abovian), Ministry of Culture of Armenia (Archives of Fine Arts)
Russia: Moscow, The Tretiakov State Art Gallery, The Museum of Eastern Peoples, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Archives of the Ministry of Culture of Russia, Fine Arts Archives
USA: Hammer Collection, Alex Manoukian Museum (Detroit), Kew Gallery New York
Italy: The “STAMP” company
Japan:“EADOU KO LTD” company
France: Galerie Basmajian, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Other: Armenian Embassies in different countries and private collections. Since 1972 has participated in more than 87 group exhibitions.